Hey, Dr. Joe here… we’re talking about the worst foods for your brain. You certainly want to take care of your brain, and I want to help you.
Something that you want to avoid is Artificial Sweeteners.
As if regular sodas weren’t bad enough for you, I assure you that choosing a diet soda or drink with artificial sweetener is an even worse choice.
Research shows that people who sip even one diet soda per day, are nearly 3 times more likely to have a stroke or develop dementia.
Let that sink in…. 3 times more likely.
Scientists believe it is the artificial sweetener that is causing this. One of the things that can happen if you’re using an artificial sweetener, say, like aspartame, is this:
Aspartame breaks down into 3 components: aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methyl esters.
High levels of aspartic acid in a concentrated form, actually cause the brain to fire faster than it’s supposed to. So, too much artificial sweetener can be harmful for the brain.
Artificial Sweetener is one of my 7 Deadly Sins of Nutrition, and I recommend for many reasons that you avoid it all together.

I want to help you be well and stay well, naturally.

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