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Our doctors are both highly experienced and highly educated in order to ensure that you are in good hands.

Dr. Joe Esposito

Dr. Joe began his graduate work In 1981 at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He chose Life University because it was the best education available. The more he discovered about chiropractic, the more amazed he was at how far reaching it could be. Then, when he began to research nutrition, he discovered the “whole package of health,” that is, removing interference from the nervous system (un-pinching the nerves) thus allowing the brain to communicate with the body, improving the digestive system, and giving the body the food it requires to function at 100%. Along with being board certified in chiropractic, he is also board certified in pain management, orthopedics and double board certified in nutrition. He also has a B.S. in clinical nutrition, is a retired dietitian, an award-winning author, and has been in practice for over 32 years.

Dr. Erwin Boehringer

Since graduating from Life University in 2007, Dr. Erwin has been practicing locally in the Kennesaw and Acworth area. During his 9 years of working, he has used a variety of techniques on his patients to reach optimum health. These techniques include Full Spine, Activator, Gonstead, Thompson, and Extremity Adjusting. Dr. Erwin specializes in sports chiropractic, scoliosis treatment, post-surgery treatment, knee and shoulder pain, as well as any other issues with the spine.

“I take my time with my patients to properly treat them and establish a comfortable relationship as doctor and patient.”

Dr. Erwin currently sees patients at our Marietta location.

Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy Hall

Dr. Amy Hall is a proud graduate of Life University, having received her Doctorate in Chiropractic in June 2011.  Dr. Hall joined  Dr. Joe’s team at Health Plus Wellness Center in 2018. She is eager and dedicated to helping restore and maintain patients’ health and to provide healing, one patient at a time. Originally from Virginia Beach, Dr. Hall has a love for the ocean and has always enjoyed crabbing, fishing, and anything beach-related. She has also previously played Gaelic football, soccer, and is an avid snowboarder when she’s able to hit the slopes. She looks forward to meeting you!

Dr Kat 2

Dr. Kat Walter

Dr. Katherine Walter (aka: Dr. Kat) began her chiropractic career in her hometown of Virginia Beach. She is a Life University graduate and also holds a BS in Sports Medicine. Dr. Kat utilizes a variety of techniques such as Activator, Full Spine, Thompson, and Toggle. Dr. Kat is dedicated to helping her patients reach their optimum level of health while incorporating her vast knowledge of nutrition into a well-rounded health and wellness program.

Dr. Kat currently manages our Duluth clinic while still finding time to treat patients in Marietta.

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