Hey, Dr. Joe here. Everyone wants to have a healthy brain, that goes without saying. You may not know the things you can to to keep your brain healthy, and I want to show you.
The first thing I want to talk to you about is alcohol. Now, a single glass of wine or beer probably isn’t going to mess up your brain, BUT, it does affect the communication in your brain.
And over time, this becomes cumulative.
So the more you drink, the more difficult it is for your brain to process new information and to remember things.
Alcohol can make you feel confused and fuzzy…. but alcohol can also lower your testosterone levels.
It’s ironic that sometimes you may think that you’re going to have a drink and you’ll be all charming and sexy. But the reality is that, even though you may feel playful and fun, you actually won’t function better, because of the drop in testosterone levels in your body.
So, alcohol is bad for your brain function short term as well as long term, and it also affects your hormone levels.
If you are going to drink, here’s the deal: For every alcoholic drink you have, drink 3 glasses of water. This will help to neutralize some of that damage.

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