Arthritis and Osteoporosis Prevention is very possible with the proper intake of nutrients your body needs.

In the United States alone 25 million people are affected by osteoporosis and more than 55 million Americans suffer from Arthritis and related conditions. It is estimated that the cost of treating osteoporosis, arthritis and related injuries is over $10 billion a year. Osteoporosis and arthritis are not the result of the natural aging process. There many people who age without suffering from these conditions. This article will try to discuss what causes or aggravates these conditions and what you can do to slow down or reverse these health issues.

First, let’s discuss the differences between osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Osteoporosis unfortunately is a major epidemic in the United States. It is the weakening of the bones which can cause the bones to fracture, sometimes with almost no force applied. Osteoporosis is responsible for least 1.2 million fractures per year. The most common management therapy used for this condition is estrogen supplements and calcium supplements. This may work in a limited way in some cases but the success is limited.

New research is showing that Osteoporosis is caused by much more than lack of calcium and low estrogen levels. We now know that it takes a wide variety of different nutrients to insure good bone health. These nutrients include vitamins B6, C, D, K, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Manganese, Boron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper and Silicon. It was previously believed that Calcium supplements would help in the treatment of osteoporosis. This false assumption was based on the fact that bones contain large amounts of Calcium and by giving the body Calcium it would help rebuild bones. However, bone Calcium depletion is only present in about 25% of osteoporotic Women. Calcium supplements were found to be beneficial and increased the bone mass in these women, but had no effect on the other 75% who were not Calcium deficient. It is also known that the type of Calcium being used as a supplement and what other nutrients are present when the Calcium is taken have a dramatic effect on how well calcium is absorbed and utilized. Calcium carbonate, a less expensive form of Calcium, is often used in Calcium supplements.

The raw materials for calcium carbonate often times comes from an inorganic source such as rocks or oyster shells. Studies have shown that calcium carbonate is not absorbed or utilized nearly as well as calcium citrate, which traditionally comes from plant sources. Calcium citrate is more expensive to manufacture and so is not as often used in supplements. It is also well known that calcium alone is not absorbed or utilized very well. Calcium must have magnesium and boron present for to be effectively utilized. This is one of the many reasons the calcium in their products is not a good source of calcium. Dairy products have very little magnesium and boron.

In regards to arthritis, there are two major types. The first type is osteoarthritis and the second type is rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is inflammation of the joints. This can be caused by genetic factors, poor diet, or combination of other factors. It has been shown that a low acid diet which it is high in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is very helpful in reducing the effects of rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is caused by misaligned bones. When the bones misalign joints become irritated. The body’s immune system sends out white blood cells to essentially clean up the area of any torn tissue or swelling. These white blood cells are not site specific. They not only attack a joint if irritated, they also attack other joints. The most susceptible joints to these attacks are the most freely movable joints in the body, specifically the fingers. This is why if someone has arthritis the fingers may swell.

The problem is usually not the fingers, but a site somewhere else in the body that is out of alignment and the cells designated to clean up that area are now attacking the fingers. Osteoarthritis is mainly a mechanical problem, which means that if bones are out of alignment they will wear out. This is osteoarthritis. The most effective treatment for osteoarthritis is to be sure that there are no joints in your body that are out of alignment. Trauma such as car accidents, slips and falls, improper exercise, lifting wrong, or any injury to the body can cause bones to misalign. However, bones can move out alignment from minor stresses as well. Things such as poor posture, talking on the phone, sleeping wrong, and even stress, which can cause muscles to tighten and pull bones out of place.  In many cases pain results if a bone is out of alignment.

The pain is the result of a bone pinching a nerve. Healthy tissues do not feel pain. If you are experiencing pain there is something wrong. However, a bone can also come out of alignment and not feel pain. By eating a good diet and being sure that your spine and bones are in proper alignment you greatly reduce your risk of loss to arthritis and osteoporosis.

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