The Immune system, or the part of the body which fights disease, is a very complex system supported by many different body organs. It is not located in one part of the body, but is the body working in harmony to fight off foreign invaders.

Many lifestyle factors, including drugs and stress cause our immune system to become suppressed. Often, the immune system becomes depressed when a person takes drugs. There are times when drugs are needed to fight off an illness or disease. However, extended use of commercial or illegal drugs will suppress your immune system to the point where your body can no longer fight off simple problems and diseases. Result: Drug abusers of both illegal and prescription drugs have suppressed immune systems which increases their risk for infection and disease.

Your immune system’s ability to perform is also decreased through stress (including psychological stress), and makes one susceptible to disease. It is important to remain calm in all situations, and find avenues for managing those issues which cause you to be stressed. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, perhaps you need to sit back, relax and decide “Is this really important?”, “is it worth destroying my immune system over?” If the answer is “no”, you need to remove yourself from the situation. Result: Your immune system will be stronger to support your body when the important stresses in your life occur.

If you want to keep your immune system healthy, you have to keep your entire body healthy. This is done by changing what you put into your system. Your body is similar to an automobile. If you put bad fuel into it, it won’t run very well. We need to put fuel in our body that’s going to keep it running at its optimum performance. By eating more fruits, vegetables and grains in your nutritional program, you will help build-up your immune system – living a much longer, happier and healthier life. However, it is also important to avoid toxic foods which require lots of energy to digest – energy which can be used to heal the body.

Remember, you are what you eat. Your immune system can become your best defense mechanism against illness or disease – if you feed it properly. It is not only important to feed your body with the proper food, but with positive mental nutrition as well.

Note from Dr. Joe…
“Create a simple, nurturing affirmation that declares health and wholeness: “I enjoy the way my body feels when eating fresh foods.” “I appreciate myself for the care I show in eating more nutritious foods.”

The Fax of Life
March – April 1997 Vol. 2

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