Oxidized Cholesterol… you’ve probably never heard of it. Let me give you this important information.
Why is oxidized cholesterol so much worse than raw cholesterol?
A significant body of evidence indicates that oxidized cholesterol, which produces something called oxysterols, is one of the main triggers of Alzheimer’s disease.
But that’s not all.
Cholesterol Oxidation Products (COPS) are associated with the initiation and progression of a number of major chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and kidney failure.
Once again, we’ll put this in the “Dr. Joe Was Right” column. I gave this advice 40 years ago… give up animal products. Studies come out every day, showing that I was right about that.
These Cholesterol Oxidation Products are produced when animal products are heated. When you heat something, you destroy enzymes, and enzymes are necessary for every function in your body.
All forms of cooking can produce this since you’re getting maximum cholesterol oxidation at only 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
Are some types of cooking worse than others? Yes.
Microwaving chicken or beef appears to produce twice as much cholesterol oxidation as frying. If you look at bacon, raw bacon doesn’t have doesn’t have any oxidized cholesterol. DO NOT EAT RAW BACON.
Like all animal products, bacon has cholesterol, but it’s not oxidized until it is cooked.
According to these studies, grilling seems to be the safest way to cook animal products with regard to oxidized cholesterol, but grilling has other harmful effects.
Also note: If you put leftovers in the refrigerator, then reheat them, the oxidized cholesterol skyrockets.
My general advice is to avoid eating animal products. A plant based diet is healthy, nutritious, and eliminates the harmful effects of eating animal products.
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