The information presented on this program is not intended to take the place of your personal physician’s advice. And it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Discuss this information with your own physician or healthcare provider to determine what is right for you. Hey folks, Dr. Joe Esposito here, I am glad you’re there. Today we’re talking about the thyroid gland, holy cow, I get a lot of questions about the thyroid gland. I get emails, I get phone calls, I get patients coming in all the time with questions about the thyroid, do I have a problem? How do I know I have a problem. And that’s the thing with the thyroid gland, it can be tricky to diagnose. And many of you probably have thyroid problems and don’t know it. And even if you had a thyroid test done, sometimes the test comes back normal. But that’s that’s not true. There’s a thyroid issue there. So to the sensitivity of a lot of tests we have right now our I don’t think it’s there yet, we need to get a little more sensitive in our testing. So the stress is going to be a big player when it comes to the thyroid and we talk about stress. You’ve heard me before I talk about chemical, mental and physical stress. I’m going to cover that at the top of the next hour. Because we got a couple of segments we have to do on stress and immune system as well. But stress is a word that is so common in today’s society, and stress can cause thyroid problems. Now your thyroid works with the adrenal glands. If you’ve listened to the show before you know that’s my favorite organ, the adrenal glands. So this, the thyroid and the adrenals work together the adrenal glands, but they’re kind of they sit above your kidneys can handle small amounts of stress pretty well. But when you encounter stress, for long term, they release something called cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that’s released, and that enhances various body functions, but it can put a lot of stress on the thyroid gland. Most common thyroid disorders are autoimmune disorders where the body actually attacks itself. In this case, the body is attacking the thyroid gland. Now there’s two types, essentially, there’s Graves disease, and Hashimotos Graves disease. We’ll talk about both and later. Now. Go to our website, Dr. Joe calm listen to the show he did on autoimmunity, you type in autoimmune and website in the search bar. And it’ll come up because a lot of what we’re going to talk about today is going to refer back to that show where the body is actually starting to attack itself. And I’ve been talking about the things you can do to get the thyroid working properly. Again, in some cases, not all but in some. Now Graves disease causes the thyroid to become overactive and Hashimotos causes them to become underactive. So stress alone is not going to cause a thyroid problem, but it can trigger the thyroid problem. So the impact of stress under thyroid occurs by slowing your body’s metabolism. We did a show on metabolism, you go to website listen to that as well. This is another way that stress and weight gain are linked. If you have stress it releases cortisol causes cortisol cause you to lay down fat, cortisol can affect the thyroid and shut down the thyroid and thyroid is your control for your metabolism. Now the thyroid makes essentially two organs, two hormones is more, but the main ones are going to be t four and T three. Now T the number t but remember, T stands for thyroid, let’s just call it that. Okay, make it easy for you. It stands for something else, but it’ll be easy for you this way. The number stands for how many molecules of iodine are attached to that hormone. So T three s three molecules of iodine T four has four. So one of the biggest problems you’re going to find with everybody is we don’t get enough iodine. I’m going to cover that a little later. So iodine is going to be a key player in thyroid function. Now, don’t go out and start taking a bunch of thyroid iodine supplements because you don’t want to overdose on thyroid is it that there’s a Goldilocks zone, we want to be right there when it comes to iodine with a lot of other supplements too. And iodine is one of them. Insulin resistance and issues balancing sugar, can curl can can occur alongside hypothyroidism. And that can affect your thyroid stimulating hormone in your blood. Now, thyroid stimulating hormone is released from your brain. And the way this works is your thyroid produces T four and T four converts into T three. And then T three is measured and pituitary gland and parts of the brain say okay, we have enough thyroid hormone, we’re good. As the thyroid numbers start to drop, the body releases a hormone called thyroid stimulating hormone, which then goes to the thyroid and tells the thyroid to start making more T four and T three. Okay? So numbers high enough you don’t make you don’t make thyroid stimulating hormones numbers too low, you do make thyroid stimulating hormones. So one of the ways we can test the thyroid is measure your thyroid stimulating hormone. If you’re producing too much of it. That means you’re not producing enough thyroid hormones. If your thyroid hormone is too little, that means you’re producing too much thyroid hormone so you hypothyroid or hypo thyroid. That’s one of the ways we can test the thyroid. So lab tests cannot always get did the right picture. It really has to do with how you’re feeling. And medications cannot always keep up with the changes of your stress levels because stress changes sometimes minutes a minute. So chronic stress can cause problems with your body for years before it shows up in the test. Now again, as time goes on, I’m sure the tests are going to get more sophisticated, more sensitive, but as of right now, this is where we are. So the tests alone aren’t going to be enough for you. All the while you experienced hypothyroid system symptoms like this teager weight gain. And the prolonged stress may crop up as depression or anxiety when both are actually hypothyroid symptoms. So again, we have a lot of issues that hypothyroid can cause and we go through that list in a little bit. So what you want to do is you want to relieve your overall stress. Now, when it comes to stress, there’s three types of stress. There’s chemical, physical and mental stress. And if you’ve listened to my shows before, I cover this in almost every show, because stress is such a big player, when it comes to your immune system, and also your hormone system. So a couple things, you want to make sure you’re eating right. I mean, how many times I gotta say this, you want to stay away from what I call the seven deadly sins. They are alcohol, meats, sugar, dairy, coffee, soda, and artificial sweetener. And if you go to website, Dr. Just type in seven deadly sins, we had a whole hour show on that I don’t want to, you know, rehash that too many times, but a lot to cover today. So you want to eat the right foods, the two foods and this is going to be a spoiler alert, the two foods you need to reduce or eliminate from your diet. If you have any of the symptoms going to list and all of you do I’m sure is wheat, and dairy. Now wheat has a protein called gluten and gluten is something that affects the immune system and dairy is more more so affecting the immune system than even wheat. So wheat and dairy are the two foods you want to avoid to keep the immune system strong. And you want to make sure you’re getting the right supplements. Things like Dr. Joe supergreens, Dr. Joe’s essential source. Those are things that that’s the minimum supplements you take every day and one of the amazing things about supergreens and essential source is they have iodine in them. Some one a few places you actually get iodine in your diet, folks, I’m always playing some music. That means I got to go to a break. If you have any healthcare questions, I’ve been open up the lines, not just about thyroid about anything. 84444 Dr. Joe 84444 Dr. J, always the number here at the studio. That number brings to my offices when I’m not on the air. We have offices in Marietta Duluth, Stockbridge in West Cobb. We want to be your doctors, by the way. So if you have a healthcare problem, stop suffering needlessly. Call that number during business hours. 84444 Dr. Joe or do it right online. Dr. Joe calm, make an appointment to come see us. We want to get you well and keep you well. I’m Dr. Joe Esposito, we’ll be right back. Hey, folks, glad you’re here talking about the thyroid gland. Today. This is a biggie because a lot of you’re going to have thyroid problems and don’t know it because it’s not something that’s real obvious. I mean, if I lose my sight I know about if I got a blazing headache I know about the thyroid symptoms can be insidious. That means they come on slowly. And they sneak up on you and many times you think you’re normal. And a lot of times people have issues I have patients come in all the time. So Dr. Joy wake up six times a night to pee, or I can’t get to sleep if I fall asleep. I don’t sleep for an hour at a time or things like this. And they say is that normal? I said no. And they say well, I don’t know. I don’t know who to compare myself to. Because this is you. It’s your life. This is how you assume people are. A lot of people have acid reflux their whole lives, and they just assumed they have to cough and burning their throat all the time. It’s not normal. Pain is not normal symptoms are not normal symptoms are telling you something’s wrong. I’m going to talk about the symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism. And what you need to do if you do have these things, we’ll talk about that a little bit. So we started talking about supplements, you really got to support your thyroid and iodine is the one supplement that most of us don’t get enough of. In fact, most people the only thyroid II they do get is in iodized salt. Now, it’s not a good form of iodine. It’s a cheap form of iodine. It’s just enough to kind of keep you going. But it’s not enough to really get you healthy. Now you want to avoid things that look like iodine. And the things that look like iodine are called halides. Bromine, chlorine and fluorine look like iodine. They’re all in the Haloid group. This is a group of chemicals. So if we have time, we’ll talk about this later. But I got to cover this now. So don’t forget bromine, we use it as a dough conditioner. So years ago, we used to put iodine in dough in breads, and you get some iodine. Well, we realize we can use bromine because it looks like iodine acts like iodine. And we put that in the bread and it can block up your thyroid. It’s it’s a endocrine disruptor. So it blocks up your your thyroid receptors, that except iodine. So now the bromine is blocking up the receptor sites, you can’t absorb the iodine. Not a good thing. And bromine is cheaper. That’s why we use it now. So you got to stay away from bromine, chlorine and fluorine. Well, chlorine, what do we get that from? How about you tap water? You know, if you take a shower, a hot shower, you’re absorbing about the same amount of chlorine is eight glasses of water. Okay, so we drink eight glasses of water from the tap. One shower is going to give you that and if you’re drinking water like you should be and it’s not filtered water. You can build up chlorine again. It’s an insidious buildup, is it going to get you right away? No, but I want to have extreme health. I want you to be extremely healthy. And fluoride. I’m not a big fan of fluoride. In fact, if you ever look at toothpaste and this always makes me laugh. If you have commercial toothpaste in your house, go look at the box of toothpaste and it will say right on the side of the toothpaste. harmful if swallowed. call poison control. It’s toothpaste. What do you put toothpaste your mouth? So you putting toothpaste in your mouth is saying don’t swallow it. That’s insane. So I’m not a fan of fluoride and a lot of studies that are out there showing that fluoride on your teeth might work. But if you’re drinking it you Water because we put fluoride in water as well, chances are it’s going in your body, and that’s where it becomes a poison. So again, I keep a whole lecture on chlorine, fluorine and bromine. But right now you want to stay away from chlorine, fluorine, bromine the best you can. And so commercial Doze and breads, again, you want to stay away from Weed anyway, you probably want to stay away from the bromine. Now, we can also see bromine in citrus flavored sports drinks or energy drinks. Many times we use brominated vegetable oil. And what that does, it just helps keep the colors bright and colorful, really, really dangerous. So I want you to stay away from bromine at all costs. But Dr. Joe supergreens and Dr. Joe’s essential source of the minimum supplements you should be taking every day and they have iodine in them. And it’s one of the one of the many many amazing things when I formulate essential source of my friend Ron out in Los Angeles. When we put it together, we it was 73 ingredients I think we have in there. So it takes a while to find get the manufacturers to put together the quality that we expect in our central source. But that’s why it works. So well. People say what’s in here magic, your magic and can no folks, it’s just all the nutrients, so many micronutrients that were missing. Now in our office, we can do a micronutrient panel, we can test your blood to determine what nutrients you’re missing. We could also test your hormone levels test your vitamin D. So we can test testosterone estrogen. So if you ever want to get a micronutrient panel, which I think you should, by the way, I have mine done on a regular basis. We can do that in the office. It’s on the website, Dr. Joe calm and the services. You also want to take adrenal support for thyroid issues, because the adrenal glands and the thyroid member they work together. So I take adrenal support supergreens an essential source every day. Stress is a biggie, we talked about stress and affecting the thyroid. So we got to learn to relax. It was interesting A while ago, I got a text from my mother, and she was watching one of my videos, we live stream new shows on Facebook and Instagram. So if you’re listening on radio, follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well. And she said you’re looking stressed. And I say, well, mom’s don’t lie. So I thought about it. And I really kind of reevaluated several things I was doing in my life, and I decided I really need to unwind. I just got too much going on in my life. And so it was good, good. Heads up. And when I did, I felt a lot better. And my health got better than it was it’s already good. It just got better. So So stress is going to be a big kicker. So if you’re overworked and under underpaid, as most of us are, you might want to start reconsidering that we’ve done shows on stress, you can go to a website and listen to the shows there. So what do you need to know about your thyroid, it’s one of the most important endocrine gland. Endocrine means it produces hormones. It affects every cell in your body. It regulates metabolism hormones, it’s also important for the growth and development of children. So if you’re poisoning your children, I say that in quotes, with chlorine, fluorine, bromine, bad foods, sugars, breads, cookies, cakes, donuts, pastas, processed foods, it can be affecting your thyroid and thyroid controls what everything. So when your thyroid levels are out of balance, you have issues. So let’s we talked about how it works, you have T one and T T 123. And four, T four is produced, and it’s the inactive form. So T four has to be broken down and converted into not broken down but converted into something called T three. Basically, in the process, we take off a molecule of iodine from T four, and it becomes T three. And that’s the active form. I don’t want to get too complicated for you here. Now the hormone secreted by your thyroid interact with something called the mitochondria. And the mitochondria are the powerhouses in your cells. It’s a part of the cell that produces energy. And so the mitochondria need the thyroid hormones to produce energy. That’s why your metabolism slows down if you don’t have enough thyroid hormone, because you’re not producing enough energy to burn up the energy. And that becomes a real big issue. It’s gotta be careful with that. And you need the ATA creates ATP, it’s called an ATP is the fuel that your body runs on. And if you don’t have enough ATP, the cells can become weak, and not just your biceps and your triceps. How about your heart? Your heart needs ATP, your heart needs mitochondria to work how about your colon your blood vessels. So it’s really important that the thyroid gland feed the ATP feed the mitochondria to produce ATP to make your body produce energy. So it’s really a big issue and 90% of the hormones produced by your body is in the form of T four and it has to go through that D ionization type process iodine ation to become T three. So if everything’s working properly, you can make what you need and have the correct amounts of thyroid hormone and that controls metabolism and your cells. If T three is inadequate, either by scarce production or over under converting T four into T three, your whole system suffers. T three is critically important because it plays a role in burning fat in your body. And it was one study where they gave participants T three and increase their metabolism. Now you can’t just take T three and this is why I worry about hormones. Whenever you take a hormone, your body stops producing its own or shuts down its own production. So it’s gotta go to break a lot to cover on thyroid. If you have any questions give us a call at 84444 Dr. Joe 84444 Dr. J we our website 24 hours a day Dr. Joe calm. Dr. Joe calm over 1000 hours of podcasts that supplements we talked about you can order them right online. If you want to make an appointment to come see us neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, car accident, sports injuries, nutrition. You can write on the website, Dr. Joe calm. I’m Dr. Joe Esposito. We’ll be right back. Hey folks, Dr. Joe here, glad you’re with us today we’re talking about the thyroid gland. And it’s really important because a lot of you have thyroid problems and don’t know it. So hypothyroidism, hypo meaning LO is a sluggish thyroid. And a lot of research is a Dr. David Bronstein who’s a holistic practitioner. He does a lot of work in iodine and thyroid research. And he says about 95% of his patients in his clinic are iodine deficient. So another reason you should be taking super greens and essential source every day. One of the ingredients in both of them are sea vegetables. And the best form of iodine is going to be from sea vegetable seaweeds. So it doesn’t have a seaweed taste to it, don’t worry about that. But that iodine every day, I take the supergreens essential source and that gives me a little bit of iodine and make my levels my thyroid levels are right where they need to be. But again, if you have symptoms, the thyroid test may not test may come up positive, but you still may have some thyroid issues. And the easiest thing to do for thyroid is just take a little bit iodine every day with supergreens and essential source. That’s the number one step I can tell you, and then cutting out the wheat and dairy products. Those are the two things you have to cut out because there’s so inflammatory and at the top of the hour, Sierra and Garrett and Lewis are asking me if I do a segment on immunity for things like you know Coronavirus and other things, what can we do? And this is the thing nobody in the news is talking about is okay, wash your hands, we get that avoid contact, we get that 80% of people that get it, many of them don’t even know they have it. We’re testing for it now. So we’re finding a lot more cases because we’re looking for more cases. But nobody’s talking about what to do. How do you get your immune system strong? If you are exposed to it? What do you do? I’m going to talk about the things that you need to do every single day. And even if you’re flying, what you need to do when you’re flying to keep your mucous membranes healthy so you don’t absorb the viruses or reduce the risk of absorbing, absorbing the virus. How about that? The only healthcare questions give us call 84444 Dr. Joe 84444, Dr. Joe, so we’re talking about the thyroid hormones today. And you need that iodine to make the thyroid hormones to make the thyroid hormones because they have thyroid hormones. They have iodine in them. So how do you know if you have hypothyroidism again, hypo meaning low or just depressed thyroid, and so we’re going to talk about some symptoms that you might have. Now, if you have the symptoms, it doesn’t mean you have a thyroid problem. But here’s the thing. Regardless of what we talk about on the show, and we cover a lot of topics on the show on the website, Dr. Joe calm, we have over well over 1000 hours, we got to count them now of audio and video podcasts. And if you have a smartphone, smart speaker, you can say play Dr. Joe for the health of it. Dr. Joe, for the health of it is our podcast. So if you ask your smart, smart speaker to play that you can get it there too. But the website, you can kind of pick and choose if you go to the smart speakers, it’s going to play the most recent episode. But we have over 1000 hours there. And what we talk about is how to be healthy. So we can take the topics and make them interchangeable. Because the rules on health are really pretty simple. You want to avoid certain things, you want to do certain things. You want to avoid alcohol, meat, sugar, dairy, coffee, soda, and artificial sweetener. Those are the seven deadly sins. Those are the seven foods you want to avoid. You want to increase your fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. And there are certain things we can talk about at the top of the hour that you can do to help keep your body as strong as possible. So when you do run into viruses, germs and bacteria, your body stands a much better chance of dealing with it. And if you do have an issue, somebody on social media asked me about they have asthma, we’re going to cover that top of the hour. What do you do if you do have a condition you’re more susceptible you got to be more careful. So with hypothyroidism identifying hypothyroidism, and its cause can be really tricky. Many of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism are really vague and it confused with other disorders because again, you may have the symptoms, but it doesn’t mean you have hypothyroidism. So just remember that physicians oftentimes Miss thyroid problems since they rely on just a few traditional tests, and that leaves the problem really undetected. So the most sensitive way to find out is to simply pay attention to the signals of your body. People with a sluggish thyroid usually experience a bunch of diverse indicators, things like fatigue and lethargy, sensitivity to cold, slight to moderate weight gain, loss of loss of breath during exercise, problems concentrating constipation, hair loss, dry skin, hoarse voice depression, heavy, your heavy menstrual bleeding and other menstrual problems. muscle and joint pain, slow reflexes. So if we’re doing an orthopedic test on a patient, we can test their reflexes, and we know what’s normal. We know what’s hyperactive and what’s hypoactive. So again, hypoactive could be other things too. But when we what we do is my team of doctors, we’re like Sherlock Holmes, we’re investigators, and we’re always looking to see where the problem is. So we’re going to look at okay, well you know, Dr. Pam found this and then we’ll bring in Dr. Amy and say Dr. Amy, what do you think of this and She’ll say okay, well with this in this together, that’s what it might be. And Dr. Cat, we have her then we have Dr. Ryan, we have Dr. Erwin. And we could ask the doctors and we asked them all the time, guys, what do you think this is? This is the list of symptoms that we have. So in our office, you don’t get one doctor, you get six doctors, Dr. Martini comes in, and we talk to him about it. So there’s six of us all working on your case at one time. And so, between us, we can usually, you know, put together a good working diagnosis. So, there are other symptoms that can be suggestive of underactive thyroid, the more of the symptoms you have, the higher the likelihood of hypothyroidism low thyroid. Mayo Clinic notes that if a disease is left untreated, it may lead to other health complications such as goiter, which is the swollen thyroid gland, increased risk of heart disease, infertility, birth defects or pregnant women, damage of peripheral nerves as chiropractors, we’re always looking at the nervous system. So if you have if you start having numbness or tingling, usually a pinched nerve. In fact, most pain in the back by far the most common cause of pain is a pinched nerve. And that’s a chiropractor case, chiropractic is by far the most effective, least expensive treatment for back pain. There is no reason why if you have back pain unless you lost your bowel and bladder control, you’re screaming and pain that you shouldn’t be in our offices first. And so many times people go to all these other doctors and also the treatment, they end up at our office and say Doc, I waited all this time, all this money. And now it turns out, it was a pinched nerve. It was chiropractic case all along. Not every case is a chiropractic case. But not every case is a surgical case, either. The surgeons I work with they say they operate on about five to 6% of their patients, the other 95% or so their patients are not surgical cases. So don’t jump right into surgery, don’t jump right into something. Let’s start out simple. And let’s see if we could work it up from there. And it’s a heck of a lot less expensive for you to and a lot of side effects. But we talked about other things that happen if you do have hypothyroidism increased severity to mental health problems, such as depression, hypothyroidism can lead to cardiogenic, shock, respiratory depression, high hypothermia, and even coma. So the thyroid gland is really important. So if you have these symptoms, you might want to say, Okay, what is it? And sometimes it’s an adrenal issue. Sometimes it’s a diet issue, I put people on supergreens and essential source all the time every day. And people say, Oh, my gosh, Dr. Joe, I have so much more energy, just by taking supergreens an essential source. Maybe it was a thyroid problem. Maybe you were low in iodine. Maybe that’s the reason you have energy now. Maybe you just need some nutrients in your body. Maybe we got to get you on adrenal support. Maybe got to get you off the bad food. I was laughing somebody I saw a meme the other day. You know, we’re worried about a virus that we don’t know a whole lot about yet. We’re serving fried doughnuts with chicken in the middle of fried Dona chicken sandwiches now. And I thought, yeah, that’s probably something we should be more worried about. I have to agree with that. So. So if you have a hypoactive, thyroid, any of those symptoms, it could be a thyroid issue. Now we can do a thyroid test in our office. And it’s a good starting point. But it’s again, it’s not the end all be all thyroid is a little tricky. And all endocrine gland. All hormone issues are tricky. So the endocrinologist that I work with, we all agree sometimes it’s really tricky, but why don’t we try to get the body as healthy as we possibly can. Let’s get on a good diet. Let’s take supplements. Let’s reduce stress, let’s reduce pain, and let’s do everything we can to get the body healthy in a lot of cases. That solves the problems, folks, I’m Dr. Joe Esposito. If you have any healthcare questions, give us a call 84444 Dr. Joe 84444, Dr. J. O E, our website 24 hours a day Dr. Joe calm, we have articles, we have radio shows a video TV show, I do a TV show as well, on a website, type in what you’re looking for in a search bar, hit Enter. Chances are we have something there for you. If you want to make an appointment to come see us you can call 84444 Dr. Joe during business hours, or book it right online. We want to get you well and keep you well. We’ll be right back. Hey folks letting you be here. We’re talking today about the thyroid gland. It’s really important because a lot of you have thyroid issues and don’t know it. And once again, I’ll toss this out at the beginning of every segment. Most of us a lot of us are deficient in iodine, and the only iodine you’re getting is iodized salt and a lot of you eating so many packaged foods. Now you don’t even use table salt anymore because everything is so pre processed. And many times the salt they used in pre packaged foods is not iodized because it’s cheaper. So the salt you’re getting is really bad for you with no good side. And I was where was I? I was at an art Thomas grill on Friday night with my friend Tim at Friday afternoon with my friend Tim Andrews, who’s an amazing talent here at WSIB. He works with the Vaughn Hessler doctrine. I’m a guest on their show off, and then he’s the one who does all the voices and God is he funny and so talented. And I really he’s a good friend too. And we today have years ago I was talking to Richard Thomas, the owner of our Thomas and we he put in air dried sea salt on the tables. And he said Well, here’s a good source of iodine. It’s not really the air dried sea salt doesn’t have that much iodine in it. You really want to get your iodine from sea vegetable seaweeds. And that’s why we put seaweed in supergreens and essential source one of the many reasons but because most people are iodine deficient, so that’s why we put that in there. So if you have any of the symptoms that we talked about earlier, you got to be careful, overactive thyroid then I’ll start taking some callers is when you start Too much thyroid hormone, a T four or T three, sometimes both, and that cause your body functions to accelerate. Now this condition called hyperthyroidism is when your thyroid over produces hormones and it was one study that was published in 2016. In the medical journal Lancet, a women are more susceptible to this condition, hyperthyroidism and it can manifest in a lot of different ways. You can have heart palpitations, fatigue, tremors, anxiety, disrupted sleep, weight loss, heat intolerance, excessive thirst, I dealt with a child and at the time, she was an infant. And boy, she was just so hyperactive, cute as she can be and just running around and everyone thought she was so charming and so much fun. And if I held her, I could feel her heart racing, bumble, bumble Bumble, but I just thought she was running around and she was active. And so finally her mother took her to get a test because her mother had her thyroid condition, and so did her grandmother’s on the maternal side. And it turns out, she had hyperthyroidism Graves’ disease, and I have to give the doctors credit was at Emory University, and they worked really well. With us trying to treat it naturally. We tried, you know, getting off the wheat, the gluten we got on supplements, they put on some medications, calm the heart down, and it was too far gone. And so she had a thyroid surgery, but now she’s on medication. So again, I’m not against surgery, but I want to try everything we can first. And if it doesn’t work, we can always have the surgery, it’s pretty extreme, you have a thyroid out, you’re never you never have your thyroid again, it doesn’t come back again. So you want to try everything you can before we go to the medical route. Again, I’m not against the medical route. But that’s why the medical profession so oftentimes refers to us, because they don’t know what to do neck pain, back pain, digestive issues, they send them to us, we try to work with them, and then we kind of CO manage the case all the way along. Let’s start taking some calls here. 84444 Dr. Joe Lewis, how can make your day better? Hi, Dr. Joe, I have metastatic breast cancer. And they’ve been treating me oral instead of you know what the IV of what happened is kind of shut my kidney down. So right now, I haven’t been on anything for the last three months. But the thing is, I do have a situs thing that’s called was fluid almost makes it yeah, this is not enough to drain it. Right? It’s making uncomfortable, you know, shortness of breath. A little bit before I feel what’s your question? A question, is there anything that can be done to that I can digest love food, or just feel like it’s pushing up there something pushing up, like, yeah, that puram or something like that. Maybe the number one condition we see in our offices is paying. And of course, we’re chiropractic pain management clinic. And we’ll have neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, very soon, we’re gonna start doing stem cells for pain management, and PRP, it’s cold. But the number two reason we see patients is because of what you’re talking about, the stomach can push up against the diaphragm. If the stomach pushes up against the diaphragm, you can only put small amounts of food in your stomach because it fills up so quick, and it feels like it’s pushing. So what we do in our office, if you have what I think you have, we can actually adjust the stomach, we can pull the stomach down away from the diaphragm. And when we manipulate a polar stomach away from the diaphragm, you’re able to digest your food again. Now that’s really important for you because with cancer, you want to make sure you’re digesting your food the best you possibly can. And if you’re not digesting food properly sounds like you’re not Yeah, that can affect your nutrition levels. And cancer is so tied to nutrition. So if you want to come see us, we can test you for it. It takes seconds to test and we can see if you have that condition. If we do then we’ll tell you what we need to do to fix it. You know you are located this bridge. Oh yeah, we have an office in Stockbridge? Yes, man we do. So if you call 8444 Dr. Joe joined business hours starting at eight o’clock on Monday morning, or Dr. Joe calm, you can make an appointment quality office and we will give you directions and we’ll tell you how it all works and everything. So you want us to you want us to call you tomorrow. It’s fun. I want you hold on one second. I’m gonna have Gary get your phone number. Hold on one second. Okay. Okay. Uh, yeah, we got time for another caller. Karen, how can we make your day better? Hi. Appreciate you taking my call. On much from your your smart woman Karen. Yeah, all women should be smart. Like you. Yeah, all men should be smart. Like you. Yeah, I find that I had to do was to go urinate. Okay, a very common problem. Let me tell you what you want to do. I want you to stop drinking a lot of fluids at three o’clock in the afternoon. Now if you have a sip or two, that’s okay. But as we get older, our bladder while our muscles get weaker, obviously, including the bladder. And so if you stopped drinking around three o’clock in the afternoon, what’s going to happen is by the time you go to bed, 910 o’clock, a lot of that fluid is peed out of you. And that is the easiest, quickest way to fix this problem. Now, the other thing we might have is you might have a pinched nerve and your low back. Now the nerves in the low back might give you back pain, leg pain, hip pain, but that nerve also controls your colon, your sex organs and your bladder. So if we cut out the water around three o’clock, see if that helps. If you still have some issues, you might want to come see us and we’ll check the nerves in the low back too. See if they’re being pinched. And if they are, hopefully we can get it back in place for you. So if I’m leaking considerably all day long just sitting and watching TV, you’re okay walking with the more. Yeah, then you want to. You probably want to come see us then. Yeah. Okay. I thought it was just at night. Yeah, if you’re leaking all day, you probably want to come see us and we’ll check the nerves and low back and see if we can get that fixed. Okay, well, thank you so very much. You want to give us a call? You want us to call you What would you like? I can call okay. I ate the number you just call 84444. Dr. Jones, give us a call during business hours. Okay. Thanks, Karen. I folks are talking about the side ROI. If you have any health questions, you always give us a call at 84444 Dr. Joe 84444. Dr. Je, and we’ll try to if your questions a good one, we’ll try to get you on the air because again, if it’s an odd question, we want to put you on the air but if it’s something we think’s going to help everyone, we’ll probably put you on for you. And we got John screening today. We got a mod behind the board. They’re spinning the discs. And he’s spinning one right now. As a matter of fact, folks, I gotta go to a break. If you have any healthcare questions, as I said, 84444 Dr. Joe our website Dr. Joe calm, Dr. J, we calm when we come back, the four things you’re doing that’s affecting your thyroid health, and then what you need to do to get that thyroid healthy and at the top of the hour right after this break. We’re going to talk about the Coronavirus and the things that nobody else is talking about the things that you need to know to keep yourself healthy, folks. I’m Dr. Joe Esposito, our website Dr. Joe Dr. Joe calm. We’ll be right back. Hey boys and girls. Glad to be here. Dr. Joe Esposito, we’re talking today about thyroid gland but before that, Sierra Garrett Lewis, John, Jennifer, everybody wants me to do a segment on Coronavirus and what do we not hearing? And this is what we’re going to talk about what you’re not hearing about the Coronavirus is a whole new twist on it. i Let’s assume and I don’t agree with this but let’s assume right now all the hype is real. I don’t think it is but let’s assume it is okay. Nobody is talking about what you need to do to keep your body healthy in case you come in contact with the Coronavirus now the Coronavirus is many different types of Coronavirus. This one is COVID-19 specifically. And the way it works is that when it gets into the body, the immune system starts attacking it the macro macrophages into T cells. And there it’s a new virus so we as humans don’t know what to do. Your immune system learns every time it gets exposed to something, it learns how to deal with it. So because this is a new form of the Coronavirus, the immune system starts attacking it. And then what happens is the immune system just goes nuts and you have what’s called a cytokine storm. It kicks in other cytokines to kick in and start attacking this thing. cytokines are cells that attack the viruses germs and bacteria. And when this you start producing all these these cells to attack the immune system cells, it can start attacking the lungs itself because the Coronavirus attaches to the lungs and that’s where it causes problems so I’m attached to the sinuses that will give you a runny nose. That’s why if with the Coronavirus if you have a runny nose chances are it’s not the Coronavirus if you have breathing issues and a fever then it might be may not be but it might be because different viruses attached to different parts of the body. So what can we do to keep our body healthy and try to lower our risk of this Coronavirus attaching itself to the body. Number one keep your mucous membranes moist. If you’re going to fly on an airplane, what happens the air is really dry. Those filters are really good in those airplanes. They filter out a lot of things, but because it’s so dry up there, your mucous membranes can dry out. If the mucous membranes dry out, the Coronavirus, or any virus can get into the cells quicker the mucus is aligning, it protects the viruses from texture from the viruses attaching. So if you’re gonna fly if you’re gonna be in a place that’s really dry, drink a lot of fluids constantly every five minutes or so take a sip and keep your mucous membranes as moist as you possibly can. You got to get your vitamin D levels up no one I’ve watched every report known to man no one has talked about your vitamin D levels in the winter. We the only place we get vitamin D is from supplements or from sunlight when not getting enough UVB rays hitting ourselves interacting with cholesterol to produce vitamin D. So I strongly advise you take vitamin D supplements every day I do I take 5000 international units of vitamin d3 Not vitamin D two. That’s a synthetic version of d3. Vitamin d3 Every day at least 5000 units on our website Dr. Joe calm. We have Dr. Joe’s vitamin D that’s the one I take five drops. So all you need, okay, you don’t need a whole lot. Heat. This virus is not does not like heat. So that’s why you’re finding that you’re getting more and more cases in places where the sunlight is not hitting as much along the equator. Very seldom do you hear about flu outbreaks Very seldom do you hear about them certainly not Coronavirus because the heat can kill it off. So one of the things you want to do is make sure you raise your body temperature again this is not going to cure the Coronavirus. These are things you can do in addition to all the other advice you’ve gotten hot showers steam, I have a steam shower, I take a steam shower hot Bad’s it’s going to raise your body temperature. The viruses don’t do well. That’s why when you have a You have a viral infection, your body gets water fever. It tries to raise the temperature to kill off the viruses. So keep your body warm, really warm, like hot baths, hot showers, steam baths, things like that. You got to avoid sugar. Sugar just blows out your immune system and nowhere Has anyone ever said stay away from sugar. And when I say sugar, breads, cookies, cakes, donuts, pasta, soda, ice cream, cut out the sugar folks, especially in the winter, on our website, Dr. Joe calm type in immunity. We did a show on the immune system. You could listen to that. We talk a lot about that there. My grandmother grandma Esposito, she always said garlic, and she’s right. Garlic is antibiotic. It’s also anti viral. So we have one of our supplements we have but we may run out of it and stock actually is Dr. Joe seasonal tonic. And it’s ginger, horseradish, cayenne pepper, onion, garlic and an apple cider base. It tastes terrible, but it works really well. Again, it’s not instead of this is an addition to so I take it whenever I feel myself getting a little under the weather. I take a two dropper full of seasonal tonic every half hour tastes like a real strong salad dressing actually, exercise is important not too much exercise because that can weakened immune system but keep the body in motion. Stress. Stress blows out the immune system chemical, physical and emotional stress. If you have neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, folks, come see us. Chiropractic is the most effective, least expensive treatment for back pain. Just come see us. Don’t be silly. Don’t waste your time, like so many people do. I’ll help it goes away. I’m just going to take some over the counter stuff. If it’s something we think we can help, we’ll tell you so come see us for that. We talked about the sugar. Asthma we talked of somebody called in about asthma. Chiropractic care is amazing when it comes to asthma. Because many times it’s a pinched nerve in the lower part of the neck that controls the lungs. And chiropractic care is amazing. When it comes to this when it comes to the immune system. There’s a lot of studies showing when you get chiropractic care the immune system kicks in. So chiropractic care is part of my regiment I do on a regular basis. I think you should too, as well. Digestion if you have any digestive issues you might want to come see us let’s see if we can fix that because that causes inflammation and inflammation weakens the immune system. plant based diet most of your diet should be fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. That should be most of your diet supplements. Dr. Joe supergreens Dr. Joe’s essential source Dr. Joe seasonal tonic vitamin D. Folks, you got to get that vitamin D in your body is the cheapest insurance policy you’ll ever buy. So those are the things that no one else is talking about to keep the immune system strong. And this show is going to be on our website tomorrow. Dr. Joe calm. It’s also on our Facebook page. So if you want to listen to the whole show again, I know I went through a quick list in 10 minutes there. But those are the things you need to do to get well and stay well. Folks. I’m Dr. Joe Esposito. If you have any questions give us a call at 84444. Dr. Joe our website Dr. Joe calm Dr. J. We calm you can pick up supplements on our website or come to one of our offices. We have offices in Marietta Duluth, Stockbridge in West Cobb, you can pick up the supplements, they are saved, save some shipping number here at the studio. If you have any questions 84444 Dr. Joe, we’ll be right back. Hey folks, Dr. Joe here. Glad you’re with us today. We’re talking about thyroid gland. And we’ve been talking about the four things that you’re doing that you really want to cut out for your thyroid. We covered some of them already. But let’s take a call here. Port Jim has been holding for over 20 minutes. Jim, how can we make your day better? Yeah, Joe. I live in Loganville. But I’ve lived all over the world because I’m retired military and now it’s with fifth Special Forces have had a lot of damage done to my body. I’ve got two different things to ask you first. You were talking to a man about his stomach and putting pressure and everything in it. You could adjust it, unfortunately. Got COPD real bad because I have emphysema chronic bronchitis. I inhaled mustard gas and malaria were in orange. In Southeast Asia, in my lungs are real bad. Okay. I also have an oxygen machine set on three liter a CPAP. machine set on 11. And take 3600 milligrams of Gabapentin a day, I take twice a day, 20 milligrams of extended relief morphine. And then I take 315 milligrams of immediate relief morphine a day pain, I’ve had both 20 plays my right. What’s your question, Jim? And my question is, that stomach I had four and a half inches and Microsoft has had to be cut out and the doctor told me that one but a piece about the size of my pinky nail. That was still good in that whole four and a half inch sexual I had to pull the stomach up. Okay, I guess you’d understand this, but they use another muscle or something to make a new flap and all that down there like that. And so what we do in cases like yours is we work we check the muscles around the stomach. We can’t really pull it down because it’s already pulled up and sewn up there. But what we do is we work the diaphragm make sure there’s no spasms and diaphragm and then from a chiropractic standpoint which nerves in the back to see if the nerves are being pinched that go to the esophagus, which will be the lower part of the neck upper part of the mid upper part of the back. And then we got to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients because the pain you’re in, you know, again, chiropractic care is usually very helpful for patients like you. But because you’re not absorbing nutrients, like a regular person, wood, we got to make sure you’re getting really high quality nutrients high, you know, low volume, high density, high dense nutrition for you, because if you’re eating things like meats and dairies, and sugars and coffees and cakes and doughnuts, you can’t absorb those. And in your case, you really can’t absorb them. So we want to get your diet straightened down and get the nervous system working. But as far as pulling the stomach down, we wouldn’t do that to you. We’d work around that. That’s what I was wondering. The other is of the virus in my lung condition, I guess I’m pretty high category for if I was around, right, something like that, that would probably do a lot of damage training practically i i have 11 bullet holes to strap metal wounds and a knife wound to my body, my left ankle up to my right shoulder. Yeah, I’ve got seven and a half years in combat. Sounds like I’m csjm. And you’re Lawrence. But we have an office right there in Duluth. So if you want to come see us, you could just call 84444. Dr. Joe joined the week, and we can get that set up for you very much. Dr. I’d like to thank you for your service. I appreciate that. Alright, folks, if you have any questions 84444 Dr. Joe, we’re talking about the thyroid gland. Let’s talk about some things you got to cut out. How many times have I told you this, you got to cut out the gluten folks, you got to cut out the wheat and the dairy products. Gluten is a notorious culprit for thyroid dysfunction. And it can cause inflammation and the immune system attacks the gluten and then can attack that the own body. And so that’s that’s a big problem. So that’s something you want to you want to look at, you got to cut out the dairy products as well, because the dairy products are going to be issues, too. So wheat and dairy. Everybody should be cutting that out, in my opinion anyway. But certainly if you have an autoimmune condition, absolutely positively, gluten sensitivity can cause your gastrointestinal system to malfunction. So foods you eat aren’t completely digested. And that could lead to something called leaky gut syndrome. Now 30 years ago, I was teaching about leaky gut syndrome. And everybody said, Oh, that’s not such thing. You know, what are you talking about leaky gut, the gut can’t leak? Well, guess what? It’s taught medical schools. Now. It’s standard medical treatments, we have standard medical diagnosis. And so yeah, I was right, we’re gonna put that in the Dr. Joe was right column, because a lot of things we teach on this show just become mainstream later on. And I don’t want it to be too late for you to jump on that bandwagon. And again, I’m not against drugs, I’m not against surgery. I’m not against any other form of treatment, but we want to get to the cause of your problem. And not just treat the symptom. So if you really want to get to the cause of your problem, you want to come see us when we get the nervous system working properly. Get your digestive system working properly, like Jim was talking about many cases except for Jim’s, we can pull the stomach down away from the diaphragm, chiropractic care, we can open up the nerve supply to the organs, we get you on a good diet, minimum supplements everybody should be taking Dr. Joe super greens and Dr. Joe’s essential source. And of course cutting out the wheat and dairy products is gonna be really helpful. So those are some simple basic things we can do to keep the immune system strong soy. I mentioned a lot of times before soy is not really a health food. Now it’s better than meat. Somebody sent me an email the other day and they said something about soy and you know it can help it affect the thyroid gland. It has chemicals in it called goitrogenic. Now goitrogenic means that it affects the thyroid can cause a goiter. So soy has goitrogenic soda, cruciferous vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, but if you cook the cruciferous vegetables, they’re not goitrogenic anymore. So that’s good. The soy on the other hand, if you go to do soy, there’s certain rules I want you to follow. You want to do organic only. Okay, don’t do non organic now you’re out at a restaurant, you have a little tofu, it’s not going to kill you. But on a long term basis, that’s where the problems come in. So most soy is genetically modified and we’ve done shows on GMOs in the past GMO genetically modified organisms. So if you’re going to do soy or corn, you want to make sure organic only because I want you to stay away from those GMOs because years ago when he first came out I talked about him there wasn’t a lot of research. tons of research is coming out on genetically modified organisms now GMOs. It’s not good. So corn and soy are the two most genetically modified foods. Canola oil Canola is made with repine as an Italian we call a broccoli Rob and many times that’s genetically modified as well. And reasons called canola oil useless information it grows well in Canada it’s a big crop in Canada can hola Canadian oil canola. So there’s you canola oil for you. loaded with omega six fatty acids as well. We talked about that with inflammation. But soy if you’re going to do soy fermented is probably okay, organic miso tempeh, you’re going to be fine. On fermented soy products are the ones you want to stay away from the soy meats, soy milk, soy cheeses, I’m not a big fan of those. Now, if you’re going to eat animal products, don’t yell at me for soy because what cows and chickens and pigs eat soy. So just eating recycled soy. So that’s another reason I don’t recommend you eat meat. And if you do eat animal products I choose not to. But if you do eat animal products, I recommend organic only. So they’re not being fed genetically modified corn and soy. And they also the organic has higher levels of omega three fatty acids and lower levels of omega sixes and the Omega six fatty acids, too many of them are the bad ones. So bromine, we talked about common endocrine disruptor. It’s also found in fire retardants. So a lot of these things that you buy the clothes and couches that are fire retardant turning out now those can be really bad for you. So when you ingest or absorb bromine, we said it displaces iodine and iodine deficiency leads to increased risk of things like breast cancer, thyroid gland problems, ovary prostate cancers. So iodine really is something you want to have in your diet. And you want to cut out the bromine also the chlorine and the fluoride as well. Those are called the halides that look like iodine can block up the receptor sites for your for iodine tried to get a lot in there but it couldn’t get it in fast enough a mud mud snuck into music that means I gotta go to break. Folks. You have any healthcare question? Only two more segments. It shows flying by 84444 Dr. Joe 84444, Dr. J. OB website 24 hours a day you can order supplements there you can book appointments, come see us listen to over 1000 hours of podcasts. Dr., Dr. J. O Folks, really good website, but we want to be your doctors. We want to get you well and keep you well. We have offices in Marion Duluth, Stockbridge in West Cobb. We’ll be right back. Hey folks, Dr. Joe here. So glad you with us today. We’re talking today about the thyroid gland. We got a caller about that. And I like his name. Joey, how can you make your day better? Yes, sir. You mentioned chlorine in your last segment. And yes. I swim about five, six miles a week. Uh huh. Wow. at the YMCA? Yeah. They told me that that chlorine can absorbed through your skin and yes, negative thing. Yeah. So what’s the deal there? I grew and I’m just thinking about it. Absolutely true. And a boy I’ve been in those YMCAs. Boy, it’s can’t breathe. Sometimes chlorine is so bad. Now we use chlorine gas. In military. That’s a 102 military weapon. So if you’re going to swim in a pool, and I wish you weren’t, at least outside what a chlorine can dissipate. I know inside is really not a good thing. As soon as you get out of the pool, I want you to shower. And I want you to shower with a really good soap, not a chemical soap. I use something called Kasteel soap. It’s a liquid soap. It comes in a bar too. But a Kasteel ca STI L L maybe ll e i don’t know Castiel and shower off right away into your hair, your body really rinse that stuff off you because again, I wish you weren’t doing it. But if you’re going to do it, just shower off as soon as you can. Okay, I do appreciate the call. Thanks so much. Yeah, I know I don’t even like swimming and outside pools because of the chlorine. But you know, it’s better because it dissipates but those inside pools, no knockout. So talking about thyroid today if you have any questions about anything 84444 Dr. Joe, you know, we talked about the things you want to stay away from especially we talked about the gluten and the dairy. We talked about the soy, I talked about the bromine, and of course anything that’s going to stress your adrenal glands and what can stress your adrenal glands, any type of stress, mental chemical and physical stress. So physical stress, chiropractic care, most effective, least expensive treatment for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, numbness, tingling, headaches, digestive issues, organ issues, start with chiropractic care, folks, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t, most effective, least expensive treatment for back pain, and 90% of your nerves don’t feel pain. So you can have a pinched nerve and not know it, those nerves control your organs. So there’s a nerve that goes to your liver, your spleen, your kidneys, your sex organs, your prostate, your spleen, everything is hard wired to the brain by way of the nerves. And so we got to get the nervous system working physically so that there’s no pinched nerves, and then chemically so we can create electrical impulses called a nerve impulses that carry the the impulses to the organs, we got to get those working as well. They’re called action potentials. So without the right chemistry that can affect the nervous system as well. So when that happens, the body releases cortisol and outputs that comes from the adrenal glands, and hypothalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis, those are the three things that all work together. So you want to make sure that all of them are working, so that you have a normal adrenal function. I take Dr. Joe’s adrenal support every single day, it’s one of the supplements I take. So you might want to consider that as well. And that’s on the website, Dr. Joe calm. So green central source into winter vitamin D absolutely positively, because again, if your immune system is weak, it can cause inflammatory reaction which can then can affect the thyroid gland. I can’t stress enough the importance of iodine and that’s why super greens and essential source have the iodine in this show. If I had to boil it down to a you know, elevator talk, no wheat, no dairy cut out stress iodine in your diet, chiropractic care to open up the nerve supply to the thyroid. There’s my elevator, talk on this whole show here. Diets low and seaweed Of course, we’re going to be low in iodine, vegan and vegetarian diets. I know I’m gonna throw myself under the bus here. But that’s why I take super greens in essential source if you do a lot of fluoridated drinking water and chlorinated drinking water or you swim in a pool, I think was Jim who said that, right. Decreased iodized salt again, we put iodine in the salt because people getting goiters, especially in the Midwest, because they weren’t eating seaweed, and they weren’t eating sea vegetables or sea sea, shellfish or fish. So they weren’t getting iodine. Now I’m not a fan of fish. That’s why I rather get it from the sea vegetables. And so in the Midwest, we started develop these goiters because they were far away from the oceans. And so the government decided let’s just put iodine in one thing everybody uses which is salt. And then goiter went down, but it’s not enough iodine. I think we need more than that. So eat organic is possible washing your fruits and veg washing your produce thoroughly is going to minimize the pesticides because pesticides can affect the thyroid as well. Avoid eating or drinking in plastic containers use glass containers. I’m a huge fan of glass containers. I’ve covered this many times. Plastic releases chemicals endocrine disrupting chemicals like Bisphenol A thali are found in perfumes and hairsprays. I was walking past a mall I was in a mall the other day and I walked past one of the big stores there and right you know the perfume sections right out front and I thought hoof man endocrine disruptors she’s flying out here. If you eat grain look for organic whole grains. Again, you want to be careful the bromine that can be found as a dough conditioner. If you grind your own, it’s even better. But again, I tried it. You want to try to avoid weed if you can at all costs anyway. Avoid sodas, because sodas have a lot of sugar, random artificial sweeteners. The cans canned food as many times lined with Bisphenol A cancer aligned with Bisphenol A, and that’s an endocrine disruptor, which can affect your thyroid gland as well. And of course, you do not want to ever drink those citrus citrus flavored sodas because they have a vegetable, vegetable oils, bromine vegetable oils in it. It’s called brominated vegetable oil. And that can give you that bromine level that can really adversely affect your thyroid gland. If you have a hot tub, look into an ozone purification system. Such systems make it possible to keep the water clean and pure without a lot of chemicals in it. Because you can use chlorine or you can use bromine or fluoride. Bromine is I think it isn’t in hot tubs. But if you get an ozone treatment, that’s going to be a whole lot safer for you. And when you have the opportunity, I want you to open your windows I did it today as a matter of fact. And the reason is toxic chemicals can build up in your house and your car, you that new car smell really toxic. So when I got a new car several years ago, I beat my cars to you know, like, like a rented mule there until they die on me. But I opened a Windows and left my car outside until that smell dissipate. And it was several weeks, opening the windows every day. So that new car smell is really really really bad. Somebody wants to know about salt water systems for pools and spas much, much better choice. Absolutely. Because salt prevents bacterial growth. So a saltwater pool would be a much, much better choice if you have that option. So I’d certainly support that as well. If you have any questions, folks, we have one more segment 84444 Dr. Joe is the number here 84444. Dr. Joe, other things you can do to improve your thyroid health but your overall health as well. Trying to get a lot in here today. I got a ton of notes. I’m not going to cover it all either. But if you have a question, I’ll get you on the air hopefully at 84444. Dr. Joe, you always want to identify that and treat the underlying cause. Now whether it’s a thyroid issue, whether it’s neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, acid reflux, heartburn, diabetes, always try to get to the cause. Now if you’re on medication, don’t stop the medication. Patients come to us every single day in our offices and Marissa dilute Stockbridge Wescott. There’s a sneaky plug in there. And they say, Doc, I want to stop by medication today. No, don’t do that. Let’s get the body healthy enough so that you can discontinue the medication. I’m not against medication. Medication is good in some cases, but only when it’s to treat the symptoms while you’re getting to the cause of the problem. Sometimes you always have to treat the symptoms type one diabetics have to take medication, you have your thyroid removed, you have to take medication, but do the other things as well. And this way we can coexist in the world of allopathic and natural medicine, and then the body can get well. So try to get to the cause of the problem. It’s an iodine deficiency, hormone imbalance, environmental toxicity and inflammatory reaction. The best results are do you get the best results when you deal with doctors that try to get to the cause. And that’s why if you want to come see us, we want to get the nervous system working the digestive system working and your diet working. And we can do that for you in most cases. So if you want to make an appointment, you can give us a call at 84444 Dr. Joe joint business hours we opened at eight o’clock on Monday mornings and we’re open throughout the week. We have offices in Marietta Duluth Stockbridge in West Cobb we work with most insurance companies we try to match your benefits. Medicare car accidents. I’ve never seen a car accident ever. Where the car was damaged and the person wasn’t if the car is damaged, you are damaged 100% of the time the sooner you get to see us the better. Again the website if you want to make an appointment, there are 84444 Dr. Joe or Dr. Dr. J We’ll be right back. Hey Folks that show here last segment Holy Cow did this show fly by Rush Limbaugh. He says it’s the fastest three hours in radio rush. I know you’re my colleague, but I disagree with you. I think this is the fastest two hours in radio. If you have any healthcare questions, it’s your last chance. 84444. Dr. Joe, if you don’t get through, you can always send them to me through the website, Dr. Joe calm. But here’s the thing with the website. If you type in the search bar, what you’re looking for, and chances are we’ve done shows and we’ve done articles on it, listen to the whole show, or read the articles. And then if you still have questions, you can send them in, send me the questions me or my staff will answer them for you. So again, the website Dr. Joe, calm, Jonathan, how can we make your day better? Jonathan? Jonathan, going once. Jonathan going twice. Hey, Dr. Joe, can you hear me? Yes, sir. Good. Alright, so I just started sending this new gym last year, and they’ve got a dry sauna. Yes. And I’ve been using it about 15 to 25 minutes a day, every day. Love it. And I was wondering if there were any adverse effects for using it that often unless they have mold growing in which they probably want it to dry sauna. The wet saunas oftentimes have chlorine and mold and things like that, but the dry sauna is great. So I support that 100% Just stay hydrated, you’ll be fine. Alright, I appreciate you, Joe. Thanks so much. Alright, folks, so with the thyroid gland, we covered a lot of things again, if I got to give you the the condensed version, again, try to eat as much organic as possible. Avoid the sodas. If you have a hot tub, we talked about ozone therapies instead of the chlorine and fluorine. Look for personal care products that aren’t laced with toxic chemicals. Now remember, anything you put on your skin can potentially be absorbed into your blood system and is a little thing I haven’t done this in a while but I used to do a lot of public lecturing before I was gotten discovered and got on radio. And one of the things I would do which is kind of fun is I like a peppermint oil. And I just take it and rub it on the bottom of somebody’s feet. And I’d say Okay, tell me when you can taste it. And within seconds of oh my gosh, I can taste it because they put it on their feet and it got absorbed instantly into their blood system or went into their body and they can taste in their mouth. So anything you put on your skin, hairspray, Cologne, deodorant, all these things can be absorbed into the body. I was looking for new deodorant the other day and I tried a new one. I don’t know if it works yet or not. So I won’t give you the name of it. But it was like $11 That’s expensive to do. You get the order in two $3 for you know a little whatever comes in a container. I don’t know what they’re what it is. So I spent the extra money because it didn’t have any toxic chemicals in it. Now in the summer I like to do in the summer, because it’s you got to put it on it’s a little cold. You can make your own deodorant. It’s on the website, Dr. Joe calm, and it’s a recipe I have there and it’s equal parts of coconut oil, shea butter and baking soda. And you put in a double boiler which is really just a metal pan if you want to over over a boiling pot of water. Melt the shea butter and coconut oil together. Add the baking soda to it. You could add some tea tree oil if you want to to get crazy and you can make your own deodorant. It works really well. Not a reason I don’t use it in winter because coconut oil hardens in cold weather. You kind of got to scrape it and then put on your skin. It’s a little cold. But in the summer it’s really just liquidy so it’s really easy to put on. But be careful with things like deodorants hair sprays, perfumes, people, please I’m begging you Don’t wear perfumes oh my god, no one likes perfume. If you’re going to do something if you want to make yourself smell if you if you think for some reason, that’s a good thing. You can use essential oils make sure it’s a pure essential oil, but perfumes hairsprays. They have something called family eats and phthalates are endocrine disruptors. And remember your thyroid is an endocrine organ. That means it produces hormones. Endocrine means hormone production producer. So I’m begging you please stay away from those commercial hairsprays and body splashes and a body sprays and it just stinks. No one likes them. And it’s really dangerous to hormones as well. Let’s take a call here. We got the lines lined up here. Janet, how can we make your day better? Are there you can mentioned earlier in the show that iodine is important in your diet. Yes. So as far as false, and you eat salt, or the pink Himalayan salt or plain table salt the iodine? No, absolutely. But I wouldn’t recommend salt being your source of iodine because it’s only in table salt. And that table salt is just sodium chloride that’s junk. air dried sea salt, Himalayan salt have over 70 different trace minerals in it. So it’s actually good for you and it’s a lot saltier, so you use less. So as far as salt, I use Himalayan salt, pink salt. And then from iodine. I take Dr. Joe supergreens and Dr. Joe’s essential source and that’s how I get my iodine. Okay, right. Thanks. Great, great question. Thanks a lot. So, yeah, and again, supergreens central source and minimum supplements you should be taking every day. And it seems like every show no matter what we’re talking about. There’s something in supergreens Endor essential source that relates to that show, and that’s why it’s so amazing. I just love that stuff. So again, identifying the cause of the problem is going to be a biggie If you’re just tuning in, you want to avoid the gluten. You got to stay away from the gluten that’s in breads, cookies, cakes, donuts and pastas. Because the gluten causes an inflammatory reaction and I wish I can get people with thyroid issues and I know people even people that I know very closely have thyroid issues have that had their thyroid removed, and they just keep right on eating gluten and dairy and you know, famous guy once said forgive them, for they know not what they do. And boy is it ever truly He also said no man’s a prophet in His own hometown. And boy, is that ever true too. Sometimes it’s hard to treat your family. I’ve talked about that the other day with somebody about adjusting my family. And I’d rather have my other doctors adjust family members and close friends, because they get better at it like a surgeon doesn’t operate on their own family members. Same thing with chiropractic care, I find to get better results. If somebody else works on them. I’ll do it if I have to, of course, but I like to have my other doctors work on friends and family that I’m close to it just seems to work better. We talked about the bromine again, you got to avoid that bromine, chlorine and fluorine because that stuff is just everywhere. So nutrients are so important for the thyroid because it needs a new they need the nutrients to function normally. So iodine is important. You also want to make sure you get enough selenium, Selenium helps activate the thyroid hormones so that they get used in the body. So the essential minerals also an antioxidant, it has antioxidant benefits, and that can protect the thyroid from damage from something called free radicals. Now free radicals like Pac Man, they attack the body. Now another supplement you might want to consider for free antioxidants is glutathione glutathione is what we call the master antioxidant. Now if you have liver issues if you drink a lot if you eat a lot of sugar if you have if you have liver, in your family liver issues in your family, or if you just want to really get the master antioxidant it’s glutathione and we have it on the website Dr. Joe calm we have Dr. Joe’s glutathione but boy, is it ever important. And it’s important for just about everyone because unless you’re living a totally stress free life with organic foods and pure water and fresh air and no stress, chances are your livers getting beat up by free radicals and so glutathione is something could also add to your repertoire but I take glutathione everyday as well we just added it to our our group of supplements. So it’s kind of new but I tell you what, man it’s it’s amazing for liver issues. So selenium you want to make sure you’re getting enough selenium you can get that in Brazil nuts about to Brazil nuts a day is going to give you all the Selenium you need. If you have skin rashes many times it’s selenium issue. So that might work. And so you can take supplements, or Brazil nuts, and also the goons, things like lentils, peas, those are also very high in selenium as well and that’s something you should be eating anyway. So it’s not bad. Oh my God out of time. I got too much cover. Sorry. Cancel the next show. Folks. I gotta run. I’m Dr. Joe Esposito. If you have any questions, send them to me through the website, Dr. Joe calm website of course Dr. Joe calm over 1000 hours of podcast there. If you want to make an appointment to come see us for chiropractic nutrition, digestive issues. We’re going to start doing PRP and stem cells very soon. You can do it through the website, Dr. Joe calm but it’s better you call us at 84444 Dr. Joe will set up an appointment out of Marietta Duluth Stockbridge West Cobb. Hey folks, thanks for tuning in. We’ll catch you next time.