Sometimes the body is very acidic, which causes the nerves to become more sensitive to pain. If you eat the standard American diet, chances are you are too acidic. If you are too acidic, it can adversely affect several bodily functions, including your nervous system, which controls everything.

Other types of vinegar stay acidic when they are ingested into in your body; however, raw organic apple cider vinegar becomes alkaline when you ingest it. That’s one aha moment for you.

Apple cider vinegar is alkaline-forming because of its “ash” content, which means when it is digested, what is left over becomes ash. When you check for the pH of that ash and dissolve it in water, the content is alkaline. Whenever our body digests anything, it undergoes oxidation, and the end result is that you can determine whether the product was alkaline or acid.

Some other foods, such as celery, spinach, and figs, are also very alkalizing. Water is one of the most alkalizing things you can put into your body. Once your digestive system starts to calm down, then you’re on the road to extreme health.

One foolproof way to determine whether your body is in an acidic state is to measure your body’s pH levels. It’s a fairly simple process to test your urine and saliva for pH levels. Take a strip of pH test paper, which you can find in any drug or health food store, and pass the paper through your urine stream first thing in the morning.

You’ll see that different colors on the enclosed chart represent different pH levels. A urine pH level of 6.5 to 7.0 would be a great morning measurement.

To test your saliva, moisten the pH strip with your saliva as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. Do this before you brush your teeth or even think about eating. Ideally, your morning saliva pH should be 7.1 to 7.5.

If your body is too acidic, the urine pH levels will be below 6.5, and you need to understand what you’re doing to cause those elevated levels. Diet, environmental toxins, stress, insufficient water, constipation, pinched nerves, and many other issues can cause an acidic state in your body.