Winter Bundle

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Great products to keep you living a great life!
Winter is here and we have picked out the best products for the season!


Now with Vitamin D3 and K2!

Great products to keep you healthy during the colder seasons. With all-natural ingredients that help to keep you in finding shape Dr.Joe’s wellness booster and seasonal tonic are both designed to stop the sniffles. When Dr.Joe feels the signs of infection the first thing he takes is wellness booster and seasonal tonic. Everything available was designed and is taken by Dr.Joe himself.


2 reviews for Winter Bundle

  1. Tara

    “Once again Dr. Joe saves my life! Monday night I started coming down with cold and flu type symptoms. Tuesday morning my body was aching, runny nose, sore throat and deep coughing. Tuesday I started alternating Wellness Booster and Seasonal Tonic every hour. By Wednesday morning my symptoms are almost completely gone. I plan on taking the Wellness Booster and Seasonal Tonic daily!”

  2. Jason

    Amazing. It saved my life this season. I have had life long allergies during the holiday season and this really kept the nasty parts away. 10/10

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