Eating Right Guide – For The Health Of It!


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A simple nutrition guide to help you begin eating healthier!

Dr. Joseph Esposito, known as “Dr. Joe” to his colleagues, patients and friends, has been called one of the most dynamic and authoritative international nutritional experts of our time. Because of his knowledge, expertise and legendary sense of humor, is a highly sought after lecturer by corporations, educational institutions, trade shows, conferences, professional and civic organizations and international sports events. He is also a nationally recognized radio and television nutritional consultant and a pioneer in the field of nutrition, health and longevity.

His leading edge research in the field of food and how it affects all aspects of health and disease has helped thousands of people. He now shares his knowledge with you.

His philosophy is to show you how to lead a happier, healthier and younger life by teaching you to prepare dishes you will be proud to serve to even the most finicky eaters among your friends and family.

The concept is simple – eliminate foods that rob your body of vital nutrients and replace them with high quality, fun and tasty foods. The ideas are easy to implement in anyone’s life. Included in the book are what to eat when on the road, how to feed the kids and family, hidden poisons in many everyday meals and how to avoid them, stocking your pantry, less expensive alternatives to the “bad” foods that taste great and much, much, more.

This book is a must for the person just beginning to make the transition to better eating, as well as the seasoned expert looking for new ideas and recipes.

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