Here are some healthy lunchbox ideas…

Replacing even a couple of items can help you maintain control over your lunches while you’re at work or play.

    1. BFL (Breakfast for Lunch): A toasted whole-grain waffle or pancake sandwich spread with almond butter. A variation: vegan cream cheese and maple sugar, stevia, raw honey or grade B maple syrup (Grade B is taken from the tree at the end of the season and has more nutrients). Add some fresh fruit on the side.
    2. Tomato sandwich. Coconut or soy yogurt in a single-serve container, a baggie full of granola or other high-fiber cereal, a package of dried fruit or fresh berries and a spoon.
    3. The Californian: spread a spinach or whole-wheat wrap with vegan cream cheese, shredded carrots, and your choice of raisins, shredded raw spinach, chopped black olives, and cooked black beans. Roll back up and enjoy.
    4. Chef Salad: Layer bite-size pieces of romaine lettuce and as many chopped veggies as you please: carrots, celery or mushrooms, halved cherry tomatoes, cooked beets, green beans, bell peppers. Add a little salad dressing to a cup and pack in lunch box. Fruit or wholesome cookies for dessert.
  1. Toss leftover cooked pasta with leftover cooked veggies or frozen peas, carrots and corn. Add almonds or sunflower seeds if desired. Sprinkle with vegan parmesan ( I like the rice vegan sprinkle cheese) and toss with a few tablespoons of Italian dressing (one part vinegar, one part extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of water). Organic apple sauce for dessert.
  2. Toasted whole wheat bread with a layer of peanut or almond butter and a layer of sliced banana. Handful of carrots and hummus. Fruit or wholesome cookies for dessert.
  3. Frozen bean burrito w/ salsa; a washed apple, and a whole grain granola bar.
  4. The Mediterranean: a small container of store-bought hummus, a baggie full of carrot, celery, and red pepper strips, and a package of whole-wheat pita cut into triangles. Dried or fresh fruit for dessert.
  5. Bean-based soup, chili, or stew in a thermos, whole-grain roll and dried or fresh fruit
  6. Left over lasagna (see recipe in my book for “baked macaroni” or spaghetti (or any left-overs) with some veggies or fruit as a side work great
  7. Grilled English muffin veggie pizza with vegan cheese (these are great cold or hot); grapes or apple sauce; handful of almonds

 Other Snack Healthy Lunchbox Ideas and Snacks:

  • Hummus with pita chips or veggie sticks
  •  Fruit/fruit dip; fruit kabobs; frozen fruit
  •  Crackers with peanut butter/hummus/salsa
  •  Carrot or celery sticks
  •  Fruit smoothie in a thermos
  •  Apple slices with cinnamon, plain, or drizzled with lime or lemon juice (to keep from browning)
  •  Nuts (if allowed) almonds, walnuts, etc…
  •  Dried cereal
  •  Pita bread

*Health food stores and health food sections of regular grocery stores offer great selections for lunch desserts and snacks

Check out Dr. Joe’s book Eating Right for the Health of It! for more healthy, vegan recipes!

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