Exosomes (a/k/a extracellular vesicles) are a promising form of regenerative medicine therapy.

Exosomes (extracellular vesicles) are a promising form of regenerative medicine therapy. Anecdotally, exosomes have demonstrated value in aiding the recovery from and preventing both acute and chronic orthopedic and neurological problems. However, they are not FDA approved for these purposes. If you’re in or near Marietta Georgia, reach out to Health Plus Wellness Center to see if exosome therapy is right for you.

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Exosomes are a specialized subtype of small extracellular vesicles that are derived from mesenchymal stromal cells. It is truly a unique type of therapy that has shown promising healing results in countless research studies.

When exosomes are harvested, usually from a prescreened donor, and injected directly into injured areas, they provide therapeutic benefits. Exosomes are known for regulating your immune cells, stimulating cell signaling involved in healing, and dramatically decreasing inflammation.

To put all of this into perspective, exosomes simply act as messengers. They tell other cells how and when to react to enhance and improve the healing properties that already occur in your body.


Health Plus Wellness Center proudly offers exosome therapy treatments for men and women suffering from debilitating pain-causing conditions and injuries. This innovative type of treatment may benefit you if you have:

  • Joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Nerve damage
  • Soft tissue injuries, including strains and sprains
  • Torn or damaged cartilage, possibly due to arthritis

Exosome therapy even has shown promising benefits for helping with serious ailments such as Parkinson’s disease. Health Plus Wellness Center is home to a team of leading regenerative medicine specialists, so you can feel confident about getting results from your exosome therapy treatment.

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