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Many people have high cholesterol. Maybe you do. High Cholesterol can be dangerous, but there nuances that I want you to understand.
About 1/100 people have genetically high cholesterol. About 99/100 people do very well maintaining proper cholesterol levels through proper diet. That’s great news.

Many times with cholesterol, your liver is clogged up. The liver produces cholesterol, and it goes out into your body… it has many functions. Then, it comes back to the liver and gets recycled, so to speak. But if the liver is clogged up, you may not be recycling your cholesterol, and that may be why your cholesterol is high. That’s where a good plan comes in to play. Cleansing the liver, eating a proper diet, getting the digestive system working properly, and taking the proper supplements… many times can lower the cholesterol naturally.


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