Do You Know these 7 Deadly Food Sins?


  • kills brain cells. Once a brain cell dies, it never grows back.
  • dehydrates your body damaging other cells, even causing wrinkles.
  • causes Liver and Pancreas malfunction.
  • puts an extra burden on your detoxification organs, preventing them from doing their regular jobs and wearing them out.


  • can lay in your colon for 3 days or more, giving off Carcinogenic gases.
  • is a high acid food which robs your body of Calcium and leads to Osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases.
  • often is loaded with chemicals, steroids, hormones, and antibiotics which cause or contribute to many health problems, including weakening of your immune system.


  • is the number 1 food people are allergic to.
  • cannot be properly digested by humans due to protein and sugars we are not capable of breaking down.
  • is devoid of nutrients when it is pasteurized. If fed to a baby cow, the calf would not develop normally and would quickly become malnourished.


  • does not give you energy, but actually makes you weak.
  • is an acid which robs your body of Calcium and other nutrients as you digest it.
  • can cause sharp mood swings and alter personality.
  • contributes to obesity because of its addictive nature.


  • has over 1,000 chemicals per cup and over 500 of them are known Carcinogens.
  • does not give you energy, but taps into your body’s energy stores in a desperate attempt to get the poisons out of your body.
  • as in Decaffeinated still contains Caffeine and is often Decaffeinated using Turpentine and Formaldehyde.


  • can contain 9-12 teaspoons of sugar per can.
  • contains a dangerous ingredient Phosphoric Acid (especially colas – pour a can on your car, watch it eat the paint).
  • may appear to quench your thirst, but it actually is a Diuretic and will drain your body of vital fluids and nutrients.

Artificial Sweeteners…

  • can get into your brain, causing seizures, headaches and actually make you feel hungry.
  • can cause you to actually gain weight by being stored in fat cells, especially in the hips and buttocks.
  • Aspartame will convert to Methanol, which is a form of alcohol known to cause vision problems and blindness.

So those are the 7 deadly food sins you need to avoid if  you want to stay healthy and fit!

References: References for the above information have been sourced from international medical and nutritional express. For a copy of the references and reading/audio/video listing contact:

The Fax of Life, January- February 1997, No.1 – BI-Monthly publication. Available via fax or at Health Plus Chiropractic Center, 955 Cobb Pkwy South, Suite 190, Marietta, GA 30060. Telephone (770) 427-7387 Fax: (770) 726-1491.

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