3 Tips for Gastroparesis.
People ask me all the time about a condition called Gastroparesis, which is a slow digestive system. So you might have gas, constipation, bloating, even bad breath. And in many cases, it can happen with neurological issues, meaning pinched nerves. It can even happen in people with diabetes.
The first thing we want to do is check your stomach. We may need to chiropractically adjust the stomach, which means pulling the stomach down, away from the diaphragm. And sometimes, that essentially “jump starts” the digestive system.
Another strategy that may be helpful is to take Dr. Joe’s Digestive Enzymes, which is a supplement designed to aid in digestive issues.
They help break down the food more efficiently, which helps to get everything moving along.
And the third thing that you want to do with Gastroparesis is to check to see if you have a pinched nerve, because the nerves from the spine, control the digestive system. And if you have a pinched nerve, the brain may not be talking to the digestive system properly.
So I would look at the stomach, the digestive enzymes, and the nerve supply, to see what is the cause of the problem. If you have any questions, you can send them to me through my website drjoe.com.

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