Please read the “Habit Kicker” excerpt from Dr. Joe’s book
Eating Right.„ for the Health of It!

To help your body reach optimal performance before beginning the weight loss program, you will be taking the following 3 supplements for two weeks.

Dr. Joe’s Enzyme Support – This is to support the proper breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates by supporting the gastric and intestinal phases of digestion and pancreatic function.

Dr. Joe’s Intestinal Cleanser – regulate bowel movement by softening the stool and drawing waste from bowel walls.

A healthy colon is essential to optimal health.

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21 day weight-loss program includes eating whole, organic and unprocessed foods; taking supplements with whole foods and other ingredients and drinking lots of water.

You should be drinking half of your body weight in oz of water a day. The first 10 days consist of eating vegetables and fruits, with the addition of select proteins added on day II.

Before beginning the program you will weigh yourself every morning. Choose a convenient time to do this, for you will continue to weigh yourself at the same time each morning, this is to accurately measure your personal weight gain/loss pattern.

A food journal will also be required. This is to ensure proper dietary recommendations are followed throughout the program.

After the first 2 weeks of preparation, your diet should consist of the following:

Week 1 – Consists strictly of fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates

Week 2 – Continue to consume primarily vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates.

Week 3 – Consistent with week I and 2, caffeine consumption is to be kept at a minimum throughout the program, optimal if avoided altogether. Coffee is not recommended. Green tea is an acceptable substitute.


You will begin drinking 2 smoothies per day using.„ 2 scoops of the Standard Process (SP) Complete 1 scoop of Dr Joe’s Essential Source 1 scoop of Dr. Joe’s Super Greens.

I scoop of SP Veg-E Complete Protein is optional for added protein. Mix these with 8-12 ozs of coconut or almond milk, and with 1/2 cup of berries or 1 banana.

At 9 am each morning, make an 8 oz cup of herbal tea or water and add one tablespoon of chia seeds. Let this steep for 10 minutes before drinking to allow the seeds to swell.

During week one you will take 3 of Dr. Joe’s Intestinal Cleanser pills 3 times a day.


At this phase the optional Standard Process Complete can be continued in the breakfast smoothie only. Include the added protein only if you feel you need it.

Dr. Joe’s Intestinal Cleanser is to be increased to 5 pills 3 times a day.


The optional Standard Process protein is not to be used during this phase.

Continue taking 3 of Dr. Joe’s Intestinal Cleanser capsules 3 times a day.

Your diet will consist of the same items as week two.


You should aim to complete 30 minutes of light exercise daily.

If you experience overpowering carb cravings, use Gymnema.

If excess bloating or discomfort occurs, the use of Cholacol, Enzycore, and Dr. Joe’s Enzyme Support are recommended.